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Interest in Query "Seattle Seahawks Shop" Since 2004

This Google Trends graph visualizes the data for the search term “Seattle Seahawks Shop” over the last 14 years. The search query is a good indicator regarding to whether people are buying merchandise. The search query is most popular between 2012 and 2014, three of the Seahawks’ best seasons, including a super bowl victory. Clearly, many more people were interested in purchasing gear to support the Seahawks during their period of unprecedented success.

Results for Query "Cleveland Browns Tickets"

This data proves Coach Hue Jackson’s worries may be becoming reality, as seen in article one. Over the last five years, interest in the search query “Cleveland Browns Tickets” has remained relatively low. However, an unprecedented spike in the month of September has occurred, the month in which the Browns started winning games. It seems to me that people are jumping on the Cleveland Bandwagon.

Results for Query "Chicago Cubs Hat"

This graph shows the interest in owning a Chicago Cubs hat over five years time. Searches spiked to unprecedented levels in the fall of 2016, when the Cubs won their first World Series in over 100 years. With historic success occurring at this time, it wouldn’t be a reach to say that many jumped onto the Cubs victory bandwagon. The bandwagon effect is also clear due to the sudden dropoff in searches after the fall of 2016. Even more supportive of the Bandwagon claim is the fact that the Cubs, while not having won a World Series in the last few years, have had success with regard to making the playoffs and winning games. Clearly, many jumped off the Bandwagon once the World Series victory fever was over.

Comparing "San Francisco 49ers Shop" and "Oakland Raiders Shop"

Another interesting way to look at bandwagon fan data is by comparing two teams that have many fans in the same area. Being only a few miles apart as the crow flies, the NFL's Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers are good teams to use. Is it possible that when one local team does well, while the other team struggles, that bandwagon fans migrate their support from one team to the other? This graph seems to prove it. From 2010 to 2016, the 49ers saw steady success in winning and making playoff appearances, culminating in a 2013 Super Bowl loss. This is why you generally see them having the upper edge in the query graph. By 2016, the 49ers began to fall out of favor due to a lousy roster and a new head coach. However, searches for "Raiders Shop" skyrocketed in fall 2016, when the Raiders went 12-4, one of their best seasons in years. Is it possible 49er fans jumped onto the Raiders bandwagon? I think so.